We’ve successfully partnered with businesses, small and large, since 1926. Thomas Witt started the print shop and sold it to my uncle, Harold Nichols in 1967. Mr. Nichols kept the name as he said, “Why change a good thing?” And he was right! So, when he sold the business to me, Brian Kirmse, in 1999, the tradition continued and the name just stuck!

Our Team

Customer Service

At Witt Print Shop, you have the opportunity to work with the owner, Brian Kirmse, on every job. You’ll work with the same individuals, from start to finish. No confusing on-line lingo or computer generated phone conversations, because at Witt Print Shop, YOU come first.


You can provide us with flight-ready artwork or we can create it for you. If your printed products don’t look good, we don’t look good! We have designers on staff to create professional, eye-catching product just for you.


We NEVER sit on the work that comes in our shop. Everything is turned as quickly as we can produce! Most jobs take 3-5 working days, some 5-7 and a few 7-10…depending on the complexity and quantity of the work.