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Our “mom and pop” shop in Columbia, Missouri has provided printing services for businesses all around the world for over 90 years! We’ve honored the Witt name in our family-owned business by taking care of our customers. We offer free parking, a loading dock for shipping large orders and easy access from major Missouri highways. If we can’t handle your job, we have partner vendors that can… or we’ll simply be honest with you and send you to someone that CAN handle your job! We’d LOVE to be your “go to” in the printing industry!

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About Witt

We would love for our team to be a part of your team

Customer Service

Walk right in and chat with the owner, Brian Kirmse. He's a Mizzou graduate with over 30 years in the printing industry.
Committed to Excellence


Our in-house designers and freelance marketing team can create from scratch, design your materials or fine-tune the details.
Committed to Excellence


We have a team of experienced professionals with quality inspections and offer digital or offset printing, specialty products and laser engraving.
Committed to Excellence


Meet with us

If you’re looking for a more direct contact with your printer, give us a try. You’ll work with the same individuals, from start to finish. No confusing on-line lingo or computer-generated phone conversations, because at Witt Print Shop, YOU come first!


We'll bid it

Once you know what products you need for the success of your business, it’s time to talk numbers. The bid process is less than 24 hours and we will get back to you with final specs and prices ASAP.


You'll proof it

This is the last step before we begin printing your product and arguably the most important. Take the time to check spelling and make sure that the design is exactly the way you want it. This is the last opportunity to make changes!


We'll print it!

Once you have approved your project, we will begin production. Most jobs take 3-5 working days, some 5-7 and a few 7-10…depending on the complexity and quantity of the work.



We can provide you quality products to help build your brand. We understand that every business is different. Let us help you determine which products will have the best reach!


Whether you need temporary signage for an event, or a more permanent solution to display your brand, we’ve got you covered.


We are a commercial print shop with (4-color) digital and offset capabilities and we are here to serve the needs of your business.

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